Agency Reports Records Sales for, “A Wanted Man”
An excited Robert Parker readying himself for the imminence…
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Robert Parker is an exciting new voice in crime fiction. The 29 year-old father of three who lives near Manchester, England, is readying for national paperback publication of his book, A Wanted Man this month. The book has been downloaded over 10,000 times, prompting eBook publisher, Endeavor Press to publish the paperback version due out this month. It is the first book of an eight part series. The main character, Ben Bracken is a Captain in Her Majesty’s Royal Army and finds himself dishonorably discharged, disillusioned and downtrodden. He then escapes from a prison to settle old scores and finds himself in the middle of a world of organized crime in working class Manchester, which is, “the Chicago of England” adds Parker. Bracken investigates a notorious gang known as, The Berg who are exactly the type of hoodlums he swore to protect his country from. The book has been gathering enough momentum that Linda Langton, of Langtons International Agency, has hired veteran Hollywood agent Thomas Harmon to assist in the television and film rights. “A page turner and stunning crime thriller set in the grittier parts of Manchester, so visually, ideal for television or film,” said Langton. Stay tuned…
Row houses, Manchester, England
“The Chicago of England...”
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