Langtons International Agency is a multi-media literary and licensing agency specializing in non-fiction, fiction, thrillers, and children's books as well as the the visual world of photography, illustrative art, gift books, calendars, greeting cards, posters and all other related products.

Run by Linda Langton, Langtons International Agency is attracting to its list many notable clients such as two time Tony Award winning costume and set designer, Desmond Heeley; long time children’s book writers Libby Pataki, the First Lady of New York and Wilson Kimball, her co-writer; award winning children's book illustrator Betsy Day; New Yorker cartoonist and author, Pat Byrnes; and world renowned photographers Clay Perry, Woutter Deruytter, Allan Montaine, and Jonathan Chester. These are but a few of the 35 multitalented clients that Langtons International Agency is proud to represent.

Langtons International Agency also acts as a consultant to The Museum of Modern Art to help capitalize on their wonderful wealth of images and to extend their product and sales base nationally.


Langtons International Consultancy provides services to help new and upcoming authors, illustrators, cartoonists and photographers get their work published. We cover a broad range of services including (but not limited to) advice on line editing, manuscript review, commercial readiness of images and illustrations, and informational meetings regarding the publishing and marketing processes in the literary and manufacturing worlds.

Langtons International Consultancy aims to help authors, illustrators, cartoonists and photographers build their personal, artistic and intellectual strengths, fortifying their work with practical assistance based on 25 years experience in the areas of publishing and licensing worldwide.

If you have an idea for a book, film, television series or related merchandise, we will guide you through the stages to help you get your project off the ground and into the right hands.

Consultation for Books, Film, TV, and Product Development

This could be over the telephone, by email or in person.

An assessment will be made of the project and a fee will be worked out at that time for the project.

Fiction Manuscript Overview

An experienced editor will read your manuscript and synopsis evaluating every aspect including the plot, characters, voice, dialogue, setting, pacing and ending.

Non-Fiction Manuscript Overview

As above for a finished manuscript.

In the case of a book proposal an experienced editor will analyze your proposal and will help draft the marketing letter to the publisher including all the necessary components for an effective presentation. This will include style, voice, trends and facts to make the book marketable. We will recommend appropriate resources.

Straight Up Editing

We will review your manuscript in paper or electronic form making substantive editorial comments and suggestions along with recommendations for the next stage if applicable.